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    Kanye Broke Down Into Tears In Emotional Zane Lowe Interview

    In Kanye's follow-up to his infamous 2013 interview with Zane Lowe, the larger-than-life rapper opens up about the fashion world and his personal life.

    Kanye West sat down with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe today to speak openly about his struggles in the fashion industry — and not-so-openly about his upcoming album and feature spots. Here are things we learned from Kanye's interview.

    1. Kanye was deeply moved by the passing of fashion professor Louise Wilson.

    2. Kanye believes our future depends on design.

    3. Kanye is a hypocrite.

    4. Kanye loves talking about the future.

    5. Kanye is, uh, trying to give Nori a sibling.

    6. On average, Kanye takes only three minutes to get ready.

    7. Kanye regrets his past approach to interviews.

    8. Kanye wants to sell his designs at a lower price point.

    9. Kanye is all about synergy these days.

    Watch the entire 45 minute long interview below.

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