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    12 Things Women In Comedy Are Sick Of Hearing

    A lot of men (and women) are still completely clueless on how to talk to a female comic. Pro tip: Try talking to them as if if they were a person. So next time you’re with a comedian who also happens to have a vagina, think before you accidentally say something stupid.

    1. "Your next comedian is a lady..."

    2. "You're funny and hot."

    3. "Normally I don't find women funny, but you were hilarious."

    4. "You're really funny... for a woman"

    5. "These days, women in comedy have become so important. It's a ground breaking time for these ladies, so let's really support this next woman coming up on stage..."

    6. "If you want to book more shows, you should stop wearing your wedding ring on stage. If guys think they can fuck you, you'll get booked more."

    7. "I'm not trying to be sexist, but..."

    8. "Please welcome FEMALE COMEDIAN..."

    9. "You only booked that because you're a woman."

    10. "This next comedian is adorable and funny."

    11. "I was only going to book one lady, but you both are really funny, so congratulations I'm booking you both!"

    12. Anything that refers to us as "lady-comics."