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Exclusive Interview With Left Shark

Some may call him an overnight sensation; others may call the Coast Guard, because they’re scared. Either way, Left Shark from the Super Bowl has become a star in his own right. In an exclusive interview, we get the behind the scenes scoop on what it’s like to dance on the world’s biggest stage, the secrets of Shark Week and more on whatever the hell that robot lion thing was.

MoniqueMadrid 4 years ago

Real Life Scandals Of The Founding Fathers

Sure, they sculpted this great nation of ours, but the Founding Fathers obviously weren’t immune to scandal, drama and gossip. Luckily there weren’t cell phones back then or we might be stuck with a bunch of old colonial dick pics.

MoniqueMadrid 4 years ago

How Does Your Sex Drive Compare To These Animals?

Do you have sex as often as rabbits? How about a sloth or a gerbil? Some animals have sex just to reproduce, others for fun. Either way, frequency and fervor vary from animal to animal. Lazy, vicious, horny, playful - which animal best describes your libido?

MoniqueMadrid 4 years ago

12 Things Women In Comedy Are Sick Of Hearing

A lot of men (and women) are still completely clueless on how to talk to a female comic. Pro tip: Try talking to them as if if they were a person. So next time you’re with a comedian who also happens to have a vagina, think before you accidentally say something stupid.

MoniqueMadrid 4 years ago