19 Wedding Invitations That Deserved To Be Framed Forever

    Is it weird to want to frame someone else's wedding invite?

    It's wedding season! And that means basically everyone is getting a pile of wedding invites every week.

    And with so many invites flooding your mailbox, it's always fun to open that one that is just. So. Beautiful.

    1. This record-inspired invitation alerts everyone to bring their dancing shoes because the music will be crazy good.

    2. This groom spent hours using a laser cutter to ensure that each of these DIY invites was perfect.

    3. An invitation that sits on a delicate bed of paper flowers says "this wedding will be classy as hell."

    4. No map, no problem! Use the envelope liner to navigate the city.

    5. A collection of vintage stamps lets guests know that this wedding is going to be gorgeous before they even open the envelope.

    6. Because who doesn't love elephants? Especially elephants who are deeply committed to each other.

    7. Clearly the best way to mention where you're registered is to print the information on supremely beautiful paper.

    8. The couple who chose this passport-and-plane-ticket invite did right by their destination wedding.

    9. This is the perfect wedding suite for a couple who enjoy smoking a pipe in a mahogany-paneled library.

    10. This stationery suite lets everyone know that the floral arrangements will be totally on point.

    11. For a relationship that's as solid as a rock...

    12. Even if a wedding isn't on your horizon, these illustrated invites are still a tempting purchase.

    13. Scientific proof that a woodsy aesthetic is not always synonymous with hippie granola.

    14. Succulents and prickly cacti generally aren't the wedding florals of choice, but this invitation makes it work.

    15. It's official: All mail should be delivered in envelopes with a flamingo and tropical leaf print.

    16. Even if you're not into the great outdoors, these invites would make you want to put on some hiking boots.

    17. These nature-inspired watercolors show that simple never has to be boring.

    18. The print on the back of this sultry invite is totally frameworthy.

    19. These grooms went for a touch of whimsy with their bespoke wedding suite.

    So no matter what your style, it's pretty clear that your invitations can be anything but average.