18 Planners That Will Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together

    Because it's actually kind of important to remember what day it is.

    1. This agenda, which never forgets to send a birthday card on time:

    2. This planner, which never lies about reading the book club selection:

    3. This planner, which always takes the time to return the Amazon orders it doesn't like:

    4. This one, which definitely calls Grammie every week:

    5. This one, which always has a well-prepared grocery list and never shops hungry:

    6. This planner, which definitely pays its credit card off before the bill comes in the mail:

    7. This planner, which has an excellent credit score:

    8. This planner, which has never had an overdue library book:

    9. This agenda, which definitely wears its days-of-the-week underwear on the right days:

    10. This planner, which always remembers to take its birth control:

    11. This planner, which both saves relevant coupons and remembers to use them at the store:

    12. This one, which definitely schedules biannual visits to the dentist:

    13. And this one, which makes time to read The Economist every week:

    14. This planner, which meets with its accountant on a regular basis.

    15. This planner, which definitely never procrastinates with Netflix binges:

    16. This planner, which irons its jeans:

    17. This one, which always gets a full eight hours of sleep at night:

    18. And this planner, which has to "pencil you in" when you suggest a spontaneous trip to Target:

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