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10 Reasons You'll Never Have A Friendship Like Troy And Abed's

These two went from unlikely friends to soul mates in just a few episodes. How many of you can say the same? Probably none. Losers.

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1. Because you'll never dress your bestie up like a christmas tree

O Christmas Troy, O Christmas Troy, thy candles shine so brightly.

2. Because you'd never look cool doing this


And please don't even try.

3. Because you'll never separately create (and together destroy) two rival countries made entirely of bedclothes


... also known as The United Forts of Pillowtown and The Legit Republic of Blanketsburg.

4. Because you'll never have a catchy theme song...

5. ... that can be adapted and used in any context

see also: are in mourning, sewn together, back from summer, in stop-motion, in a bubble, shooting lava, etc.

6. Because you'll never be able to re-recreate this scene so perfectly.

... although I always had Abed pegged as the Leia of their relationship.

7. Because your ideas will never top theirs

8. Because your couples costumes will never be cooler than theirs

see also: Alien, Inspector Spacetime, etc.

9. Because you'll never be so in sync that you share an imagination

10. And lastly, because your final goodbye will never make us cry as hard as theirs did.

R.I.P Troybed. You will be sorely missed.

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