How Stereotypical Was Your High School Experience?

The plastics, they existed right?

    1. The plastics, or something similar, existed.
    2. And they all dressed the same.
    3. The cafeteria was arranged by cliques.
    4. The losers always sat by the trashcans.
    5. Your cafeteria food sucked.
    6. Sloppy Joes sucked even more.
    7. But nothing was worse than mystery meat.
    8. Hall passes were a thing.
    9. And so was getting detention.
    10. You’ve gotten detention for being late to class.
    11. Pep rallies were insanely popular.
    12. Just as popular as the cheerleaders.
    13. The head cheerleader always dated the quarterback.
    14. Popular kids paid the smart kids to do their homework.
    15. Jocks were stupid.
    16. Selling old papers was definitely a thing.
    17. The chess club existed.
    18. And the drama kids also existed.
    19. And don’t forget the band geeks.
    20. Talent shows were very popular.
    21. But they were also lame.
    22. There was a bad boy.
    23. He always sat alone at lunch.
    24. Every girl was into him.
    25. Making out under the bleachers was cool.
    26. And so was smoking under the bleachers.
    27. Spirit week was fun.
    28. And it always included pajama day.
    29. Homecoming was the most important day of your life.
    30. Senior prank day was the scariest day of your existence.
    31. You’ve seen someone get shoved into a locker.
    32. You’ve been shoved into a locker.
    33. You’ve participated in a food fight.
    34. Friday nights are for football games.
    35. And the parties after football games were the best.
    36. You’ve been called out for dressing inappropriately.
    37. Even if you weren’t dressed inappropriately.
    38. You’ve seen tons of couples make out in the hallway.
    39. Jocks would T.P. houses.
    40. Or maybe attempt to graffiti a house.
    41. There was always one person that went from not to hot over the summer.
    42. High school was incredibly stressful.
    43. But it’s also the most fun you’ve ever had.

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