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There Have Been Chinese Australians Since 1818, But Have We Ever (Truly) Belonged?

For 200 years we've been stuck, somewhere, between the colonists and colonised.

Monica Tan 2 years ago

20 Inspiring Indigenous Australians Changing The Face Of A Nation

The latest generation of the world's oldest living culture.

Monica Tan 5 years ago
Monica Tan 5 years ago
Monica Tan 5 years ago

31 Songs With Outrageously Epic Intros


Monica Tan 5 years ago

17 Asian Australians That Are Making Waves And Breaking Stereotypes

Because these days we're taking more than just your medical industry jobs.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

17 razones por las que realmente necesitas independizarte

Porque no es coincidencia que la palabra "asfixiar" tenga algo que ver con "madre".

Monica Tan 5 years ago

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Australia's government has environmentalists up in arms. Justifiably?

Monica Tan 5 years ago

17 raisons pour lesquelles vous devez partir de chez vos parents

Dans le mot « emmerder, » il y a « mère. » Coïncidence ? Je ne crois pas.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

17 Reasons Why You Really Need To (Finally) Move Out Of Home

Because it's no coincidence that the word "smother" has the word "mother" in it.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

36 March In March Protesters Who Used Humour And Won

These are Abbott-solutely pun-tastic.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

Would Your Member Of Parliament Vote "Yes" On Same-Sex Marriage?

Only six Liberal pollies have publicly backed same-sex marriage. Has your MP?

Monica Tan 5 years ago

12 Reasons Why You Loved Triple J In The '90s

It was the decade Helen Razer and three kids called Silverchair ruled the airwaves.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

20 Worst Things You Can Do While Nursing A Broken Heart

Sure, I'm moving on. Moving on a path to SELF-DESTRUCTION. Pass the whisky.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

20 Things All Aussies Miss When They're Living Overseas

Because no matter how far or wide we roam, we still call these things home.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

22 Signs You Grew Up With Immigrant Chinese Parents

They gave you everything, including a massive guilt complex.

Monica Tan 5 years ago

11 Manifestos That Could Change Your Art & Life

For every man (and woman) who lives by a code.

Monica Tan 6 years ago