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20 Totally Awkward Stages Of Growing Out A Fringe

Grow dammit, grow.

1. We all go through stage one: denial. "I can totally pull this off!"


Duration of this period varies, from thirteen seconds to thirteen years.

2. Soon, the cracks in your carefully manicured hair delusion begin to show.

3. At some point you will finally accept reality. Bangs has not made you resemble anything close to RiRi.

Rhianna: Samir Hussein / Getty Images

4. And you will go through a little hair meltdown - which is really an awakening.


5. Now comes for a painful few months of growing that baby out. You will likely try: side sweeps.

6. Half a can of hairspray.

7. Side sweep + half a can of hairspray.

8. Hair ties.


9. When in doubt, add volume.

10. Slick that shit back. Or up.

11. You will be doing this. A lot.

12. And at some point you'll probably buy a hat.


13. Unless your name is David Beckham and it's 2003, please don't go here.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

14. A case of split ends will tempt you to reach for the scissors.


But cutting will just mean spending even more time in the awkward phase.

15. And have fun attempting layers without looking like an anime character.

16. Things are definitely on the up when you can start doing this.


17. Well, for some anyway.

18. After many awkward months the day will finally come when your bangs are gone ...

19. ... and you can walk back into that hairdresser with a new, bangs-free photo of Rihanna.

20. And then walk out thinking: "WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?"

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