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20 Things All Aussies Miss When They're Living Overseas

Because no matter how far or wide we roam, we still call these things home.

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1. Those perfect, white crests, salty, deep, blue ocean and soft, golden sand that squeaks under your feet. Our beaches are DESIGNER.

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2. Weather that permits these to be worn virtually all year round.

3. The FULL METAL RACKET that is the Aussie bush (and the fact that it's usually just a short walk away.)

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4. Living amongst the most stylish birds on the planet.

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5. Water so clean and clear you can drink straight from the tap. Shouldn't be a luxury, but it is.

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6. Living in a multiracial society where patriotism is voluntary, not compulsory.*

* DISCLAIMER: Obviously not true in all of Australia, but true for most Australians and more true than most other countries on this planet.
Flickr: evarinaldiphotography / Via Creative Commons

* DISCLAIMER: Obviously not true in all of Australia, but true for most Australians and more true than most other countries on this planet.

7. Funnily enough, we miss this kind of food when we're living overseas.

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8. And the fact that it's next door to a restaurant selling this ...

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9. ... next door to a pub selling this.

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10. And we miss these foods more than Vegemite. / Via Creative Commons

11. And all visiting relos and friends from home should remember to pack a couple of these.

12. Booze. For some reason it tastes better in Australia. Not sure why.

13. Friendly interactions with strangers, Aussie humour and the frequent and casual use of four letter words.

14. Clean streets and public areas, and the absence of weird smells.

15. Hitting 120km/hr on those long, country roads ...

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16. ... to reach those lonesome, wide, open spaces that leave you feeling deeply grateful you get all of this, to yourself.

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17. The dramatic arrival of summer thunderstorms and the sound of heavy rain pelting rooftops.

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As captured in the lyrics of the classic Men At Work song 'Down Under'.

18. Outdoor sports and/or perving on the effortlessly, bronzed bodies that are playing them.

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19. Blindingly blue skies. (Particularly for the Aussies living in Los Angeles, London and Beijing.)

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20. The sunlight. There's something so pure, white and cleansing about it.

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21. So although the sun rises and sets wherever we are in the world, it’s never quite the same.

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