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    Posted on 7 Mar 2014

    12 Reasons Why You Loved Triple J In The '90s

    It was the decade Helen Razer and three kids called Silverchair ruled the airwaves.

    1. They gave this little whipper-snapper his first job out of high school.

    ABC TV / The Afternoon Show / Via

    Michael Tunn owning that rainbow hoodie.

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    2. We woke up to these two loudmouths every morning and loved it.

    3. Merrick & Rosso were given their big break, with no grudges held when they switched to commercial two years later.

    In this 1999 interview Merrick Watts said of the station, "Everybody expects Triple J to be cool and laid back and fun, and that's exactly what it's like. It's a big happy place and you don't have somebody running in and saying, 'Right, in 30 seconds you have to do a Coke ad'. Instead they run in and say, 'Right, in 30 seconds, you have to do cocaine'. (Extended pause.) Um, that's a joke."

    4. There was Groove Train conductor Catriona Rowntree before her shiny television days.

    Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: evarinaldiphotography

    5. They let us come on air and grieve when Kurt Cobain left this earth ...

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    ... because they loved him just as much as we did.

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    6. Nikki Gemmell and Liz Foschia made us realise we actually cared about the news.


    7. And all the presenters were giant music geeks.


    8. For a lot of kids living in the country, the arrival of Triple J to their area meant the first time they had access to alternative music.

    And in those pre-internet days, the only access.

    9. They plucked these talented young Newcastle boys out from obscurity.

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    Following which the band was quickly nabbing spots on the Hottest 100 under their new moniker, "Silverchair".

    10. Back then Hottest 100 covers looked like this.


    Circa 1993.

    Which come to think of it, isn't that different from now.


    Circa 2010.

    11. And you didn't actually know who might top the Hottest 100.

    Although chances were the act would be white, male and playing rock.

    Monica Tan / Buzzfeed

    12. But still, it was very often great white, male, rock.

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    HELL, YES.

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    We <3 YOU JJJ!

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