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22 Signs You Grew Up With Immigrant Chinese Parents

They gave you everything, including a massive guilt complex.

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4. You grew up believing there were only three career options available: doctor, lawyer and accountant.*


* FACT: Asians now account for 2.4 million, or 12%, of the Australian population, but 20% of all doctors are Asian.

15. You were amazed to discover the families of your white friends had cheeses like Camembert and Brie in the fridge. Your friends were not similarly delighted to be introduced to the stink bomb in your fridge called durian.

21. You went to China for the first time and realised that in many ways, you have more in common with Australia's Russian kids, Greek kids, Filipino kids and other children of migrants than you do with Chinese Chinese kids.

22. And that as you grow older you finally see their tough love approach was the natural default for nervous parents living in a strange country.


And all they wanted was to set you up for a life of stability and success. The kind of life they themselves were denied or had to 'eat much bitterness' to finally achieve. It may have been tough, but it was still love!