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17 Reasons Why You Really Need To (Finally) Move Out Of Home

Because it's no coincidence that the word "smother" has the word "mother" in it.

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1. You don't remember when it happened, but at some point having your mum do everything for you went from normal to smothering.

2. You’ve reached 30 minus some vital life skills. Like cooking.

3. Cleaning.

4. The ability to work a full working week.

5. Nearly three decades of accumulated stuff simply does not fit in your bedroom anymore.

6. People keep assuming you live out in the 'burbs because you have kids.


(You don't bother correcting them.)

7. You're tired of the way Friday night “come home drunk time” coincides with their Saturday morning wake up time.

8. Or even worse, that you're slipping into old age along with your parents.

9. You're beginning to suspect your mum's motivations for keeping you at home aren't completely pure.


If not hair with magical properties, there's always the fear of loneliness.

10. Or maybe even your parents are beginning to drop subtle hints that it's time you moved on.

11. Your sexy "me time" has been interrupted one too many times.

12. And even if your parents are cool enough to let your BF/GF stay the night in your room, the experience is always a little awkward.

13. Although let's be honest, you're probably single.


Nothing kills a date like the words, "I told my parents I'd be home by 10."

14. And your longest relationship has been with that faded poster of Leonardo DiCaprio you've woken up to each morning since you were 15.


Maybe it's time to make room for someone else in your life?

15. The final insult to injury is realising your parents have a much better sex life than you do.

16. You're probably tired of dining with Mr. and Mrs. Judgy Eyes every night.


Whom, if you were completely honest with yourself, possibly have the right to look at you like that.

17. You've begun to realise you - and your dietary preferences - are really different from your parents, and you need to explore that.

18. So if you find that you keep dreaming (and singing) about the big, bad and beautiful world out there that's waiting for you ...

... now might be the time to finally pack your bags and go.

Just don't forget to give your folks a hug on the way out.