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    11 Manifestos That Could Change Your Art & Life

    For every man (and woman) who lives by a code.

    1. The Live Life Manifesto (Holstee)

    Social enterprise and design company Holstee created a perfectly modern manifesto that emphasises optimism, big dreams, love, curiosity and compassion.

    2. The Make Art Manifesto (Austin Kleon)

    Artist and writer Austin Kleon decided to turn the 10 things he wished he'd heard when he was in college into a manifesto for creativity in the digital age.

    Download the full manifesto here.

    3. The DIY Manifesto

    A DIY manifesto for anyone who's ever been struck by the absurdity that it's now cheaper to buy a new toaster than repair your old one. Save the planet one wrench and bolt at a time.

    4. The Surrealist Manifesto (Salvador Dali)

    Last year blog Brain Pickings invited artist Molly Crabapple to illustrate Salvador Dali's creative vision and personal credo. While some of the dichotomies may seem obvious (complexity vs. simplicity), a Dali manifesto wouldn't be complete without a few additional whimsies such as "spinach" and "melting watches".

    5. The Thinker's Manifesto (Bertrand Russell)

    Written in contrast to the Bible's ten steps to salvation, British philosopher Bertrand Russell provides his New York Times readers with the tools for independent thought and anti-establishment living.

    6. The Loner's Manifesto (Tanya Davis)

    View this video on YouTube

    Tanya Davis' gorgeously gentle guide to being alone is a manifesto that every introvert can embrace.

    7. The Zen Manifesto (Zenhabits)

    In true zen-style, blogger Leo Babauta says the short version to his "Simple Living Manifesto" is first identify what’s most important to you, then eliminate everything else. For those who want a little more detail on exactly how to do that:

    Read the full manifesto here.

    8. The Innovation Manifesto (Seth Godin)

    Marketing guru Seth Godin is beloved in the start-up scene as a treasure chest of good ideas and advice. His latest manifesto inspires you to become a "linchpin" - aka those who "invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos".

    Download the full manifesto here.

    9. The Ascetic Manifesto (Leo Tolstoy)

    If you think the life of a writer is all chain-smoking, whiskey-drinking late nights at the typewriter, think again. Prolific Russian writer Leo Tolstoy wrote his rules for life when he was just 18 years of age, and they seem to prove that stellar novels are a product of good old fashioned hard work and frugal living.

    Read the full manifesto here.

    10. The Filmmaker's Manifesto (Dogme 95)

    Dogme 95 was an avant-garde filmmaking movement started in Denmark which sought to "purify" filmmaking by excluding the use of elaborate special effects or technology. Rules included the use of hand-held cameras, and all shooting done on location without extra props or sets.

    Read the full manifesto here.

    11. The Personal Manifesto (Grimes)

    This year Canadian artist Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes, took to Tumblr to rage against the haters and dirtbags trying to bring her down. And while you might not be able to relate to points like "I’m tired of people harassing my dancers", you may be inspired enough to write your own powerful declaration.

    Read the full manifesto here.

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