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Top 10 Things Retail Holiday Workers Do Not Want To Hear.

Yes its mind numbingly painful

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1. Wow you are busy!

If you think this is bad, wait till you see how it gets around the holidays...oh wait...

2. You just ruined my child's X-MAS!

Because everyone knows Christmas comes from a store. Why not read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to your child and watch the Charlie Brown special instead. They are very enlightening.

3. Smile, Christmas is here!

And I am working on ringing you out instead of being home with my loved ones, oh joy!

4. Do you know how long I waited in line, (x) numbers of time?

Wow you must of really needed this now, was it worth it?

5. When do you guys close?

When people like you decide to let us spend time with our loved ones, by leaving.

6. So um this thing I want is something with an extra with a black something or other, Do you know what it is and can you help me find it.

What? Sorry I don't speak incomprehensible, why don't you ask the wall they might know.

7. Do you think he/she will like it?

Depends, when can I get to know he/she

8. Do you work here?

No I just wear a name tag so I don't loose my identity

9. But someone else took my (blank) gift card here before.

I'm sorry no, just no

10. Next in line please (no one listens)

Do they realize where they are?

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