The government's supposed mistreatment of white farmers in the former apartheid state has been a white nationalist talking point for years.

Grace Wyler • One month ago

“They have a history of poisoning black communities in the US, and they should not be poisoning the largest African city on the continent,” one activist said.

Monica Mark • 2 months ago

Three victims of Yahya Jammeh’s bogus AIDS clinic have become the first to launch a case against the former president, and activists hope others will follow.

Monica Mark • 4 months ago

Nigeria is facing catastrophic levels of opioid addiction — and no one seems to know how to stop it.

Monica Mark • 5 months ago

BuzzFeed News visited the town where the girls were taken to find out what happened.

Monica Mark • 5 months ago

Expect Ghanaian-American Virgil Abloh to shake things up at the French luxury brand.

Monica Mark • 6 months ago

Touki Bouki is a classic of African cinema.

Monica Mark • 7 months ago

Humans have all but eradicated the northern white rhinoceros from the planet. Sudan, the last male northern white rhinoceros on Earth, is the last hope to bring the species back.

Monica Mark • 9 months ago

Americans were surprised to learn in October that the US had deployed more than 800 troops to the African country. Nigeriens, too, were disturbed by the growing US presence.

Monica Mark • 10 months ago

When Emmanuel Momoh found a 709-carat stone, one of the world’s biggest diamonds, he faced down threats and attempted thefts to hand it over to the government in Sierra Leone.

Monica Mark • 10 months ago

The worst military fiasco under the Trump administration — in which four US soldiers were killed alongside four Nigeriens by Islamist militants — was the result of reckless behavior by US Special Forces.

Monica Mark • 10 months ago

Her hairstyles do all the talking.

Monica Mark • 10 months ago

In this area of southern Senegal, one woman tells BuzzFeed News, “Wrestling is how we prove our womanhood."

Monica Mark • 11 months ago

There's poverty. Then there's life in Niger, where insurgencies inside and outside its borders are forcing people to forage for food to make up for what international aid can't cover.

Andrew Esiebo • 11 months ago

Chad, a staunch US ally that has sent troops to battle al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram, was a surprising addition to Trump's new travel restrictions.

Vera Bergengruen • One year ago

One of Russia's most famous conmen ran a pyramid scheme that earned him billions of dollars before he was jailed for fraud. Now he lives in hiding, but that hasn't stopped him targeting Nigeria.

Monica Mark • One year ago

"A Marvel story. Written by a Nigerian Woman. Set in Lagos. Superhero's name: NGOZI. What a time to be alive."

Monica Mark • One year ago

BBC is the first international broadcaster to use a language spoken by millions in West Africa.

Monica Mark • One year ago

The Ebola epidemic, which killed almost 4,000 people three years ago and became the West African country’s worst ever public health crisis, is now guiding the country’s latest disaster response.

Monica Mark • One year ago

“When we talk of democracy and human rights, we usually talk about the US. Now we have people asking, but is that how people behave in a modern democracy?”

Monica Mark • One year ago