• cheezit.kyotee

      In 2004 my uncle died. For years his parents, my grandparents, told the family that he got a parasite while on a mission trip in Costa Rica. It wasn’t until a year ago that my mom revealed that he actually died of AIDS and that none of the grandchildren in my family know about. My uncles siblings (aunts and uncles) found out at the funeral and kept the secret from all of their kids. Oh and the reason they kept it a secret is the worst part. My grandparents didn’t want people thinking that my uncle was gay, so they made up a lie about how he died. He got aids because he spent the night in a New Orleans jail during Mardi Gras because he was drunk in public and later raped in jail. Yeah, my grandparents are that homophobic.  My grandparents didn’t mistreat my uncle, they still loved him very much. My entire family does. They just didn’t want there southern conservative friends thinking their son was gay.

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