16 Signs You’re The Only Latina/Latino At The Office

I’m Peruvian-American — yes, I said “American.”

1. People think it’s PK to be informal and say “hey, girl” even though you’re over 18.

Sesame Street / Via scotusmemes.wordpress.com

Last time I was a “girl” was before I went to Princeton, b*tches.

2. When you are eating “Mexican” food at your work’s cafeteria, people come up to you and say, “Ooh, that looks amazing!”

Fox / Via giphy.com

You just forgot to bring lunch today. This food isn’t even “Mexican.”

3. You speak Spanish once and everyone thinks you’re Mexican.

Cuatro / Via bbs.clutchfans.net

Although…even if you’re not Mexican, you’d cheer for them if no other U.S. or Latin American team made it to the World Cup finals.

4. Kissing on the cheek can be so automatic, sometimes you have to catch yourself.

Luckily, some friends have traveled abroad and understand.

5. You get the “no, where are you really from?” question

Raise your hand if you were born and raised in NYC, LA, Miami, or San Antonio!

6. People have said you look like whichever Latino/Latina celeb they know.

If you know who Selena Quintanilla is though… you may not be half bad.

7. When you say your goal is to be a boss or elected official, people smile in a patronizing way.

CNN / Via deadline.com

When can we finally have a Latin@ president?!

8. Some have said, “Oh, you’re from Peru? We had a nanny from there!”

Being a nanny is an admirable profession that requires hard work, but I hope the next time you meet someone who has my current profession you’ll also say, “Oh, we had a lawyer who is Peruvian!”

9. If you’re not the physical stereotype of what people think Latin@s looks like, they can’t believe you identify as Latin@.

So many Latin American countries have rich histories due to migration from China, Japan, Lebanon, South Korea, Italy, Hungary, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, etc.

10. You thought one of your friends was cool but then they say something offensive.

Good thing you already have friends.

11. You feel that you have to work harder than others to prove yourself.

ABC / Via giphy.com

Remember that you’re already awesome. Haters are gonna hate, as they say.

12. Someone else takes credit for your work or idea.

Our boss knows I lead and contributed to the work the most, so go ahead, no one will want to work with you.

13. You have to build your own professional network even though the privileged new hire is given a network because his dad is COO.

You’re better for it!

14. Co-workers don’t understand why you need to take Christmas Eve off.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via charliebrownchristmasgifs.tumblr.com

We open our presents before you do, hehehe.

15. You know that la lucha sigue, the struggle continues.

Joel Levine / Via en.wikipedia.org

You know that although you’re the only Latin@ in the room, others look to you to pave the way. We all want you to succeed!

16. Despite all this, you’re the most awesome person at work because you’ve accomplished so much even though you started at an unlevel playing field.

MTV / Via mtv.com

Go get ‘em.

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