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16 Signs You're The Only Latina/Latino At The Office

I'm Peruvian-American — yes, I said "American."

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2. When you are eating "Mexican" food at your work's cafeteria, people come up to you and say, "Ooh, that looks amazing!"

3. You speak Spanish once and everyone thinks you're Mexican.

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Although...even if you're not Mexican, you'd cheer for them if no other U.S. or Latin American team made it to the World Cup finals.

8. Some have said, "Oh, you're from Peru? We had a nanny from there!"

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Being a nanny is an admirable profession that requires hard work, but I hope the next time you meet someone who has my current profession you'll also say, "Oh, we had a lawyer who is Peruvian!"

9. If you're not the physical stereotype of what people think Latin@s looks like, they can't believe you identify as Latin@. / Via

So many Latin American countries have rich histories due to migration from China, Japan, Lebanon, South Korea, Italy, Hungary, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, etc.

15. You know that la lucha sigue, the struggle continues.

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You know that although you're the only Latin@ in the room, others look to you to pave the way. We all want you to succeed!

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