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How New Years Eve Is The Holiday That Really Delivers To 20-Somethings

Stuffed from Thanksgiving, broke from Christmas, and unattached for Valentine's Day, New Years Eve is the answer to all 20-Somethings' holiday woes.

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1. Alcohol

On New Years Eve, it is not only socially acceptable, it is socially expected that you drink an obscene amount of liquor. Maybe this year didn’t go as well as you would have hoped. Don’t mourn the losses for a minute longer. Take advantage of the last remaining hours by celebrating happily that this wretched time period is finally over. A fresh hell of misery awaits.

2. Clean Slate


New Years Eve promises the opportunity for a fresh start. All of your mistakes and regrets are sorted away into an overflowing filing cabinet black hole. You have a brand new year to not get your life together.

3. Affordability

After Christmas, you are cashed out. Unless you’re attending an extravagant club party, there aren't many expenses associated with New Year’s Eve. Well, other than paying for the barrels of alcohol you intend to consume.

4. Impulsive Kisses

Unlike Valentine’s Day, there isn't any romantic expectations on New Years Eve. There are, however, romantic possibilities. Once the count down begins, people get so exhilarated by the momentum they just do crazy impulsive stuff. Maybe your love life has been pretty stale lately. Well, the chances of someone nearby laying one on you is pretty high, especially when considering their relative intake of alcohol to your own. Otherwise, just take action yourself! Come tomorrow, you can always just "Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol."

5. Social Context


New Year’s Eve is a holiday to spend with the people that you have the most fun with. You don’t have to worry about family arguments or making small talk with that weird distant relative you only see once a year. You can just have a ridiculously fun time with the people you are choosing to spend your time with rather than those you are obligated to see and buy gifts for.

6. That flashy number you never get to show off


Everyone has those few beloved yet unpractical possessions that go all year long unused: Sequin dresses, swag fedoras, fresh vests, and all that electric glitter eyeliner. It's not easy finding occasions where you can appropriately pull off those flashy articles. On New Years Eve however, you can literally dress up as a functioning disco ball and no one would think anything of it. It’s the party of the year, anything goes! Bring that glam, just don’t forget to bring some booze as well.

7. Zero Social Obligations


It's the end of the year. And boy has it been a long one. Saying that 'you're tired,' is actually the understatement of the year. Expectations of you are at an all time low. If you'd rather stay home eating Chinese food on your couch while you watch the ball drop instead of going to your friend of a friend's overcrowded house party, that's your flipping prerogative. Start off the year in complete control of your life by only doing precisely what you want to do.

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