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5 Ways to Keep Your Cool When You See the Bat Signal in LA Tonight

Pay attention to the sky tonight LA

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Goodbye Adam West

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The great Adam West, the original Batman, is gone. As much as we all miss him, we can’t bring him back from the dead, but we can give him an epic sendoff.

The City of Los Angeles intends to flash the bat signal in the sky at 9 p.m. on June 15 (Tonight!) as a tribute to Adam West. The bat signal will be projected by the mayor from city hall. So, you better be there if you claim to be a real Adam West-Batman fan!

The Real Question

Where on earth did the city get a bat signal, and exactly how much did that cost? (Because I totally want one!) Well, if they had it for a long time, they have certainly been wasting it. Maybe if the city had used it more often, we all would have been able to see Adam West a little more before he left us for good.

The One True Batman

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This tribute is about honoring a man who gave us so much joy throughout our childhood. And if it makes our childhood dreams come true too, then that’s just another reason Adam West is the only Batman worth remembering.

How to Remain Calm

Oh to see a real-life bat signal! While my insides are screaming “Start freaking out even more!,” I will harness whatever powers I can to remain calm in public to avoid getting those “What’s wrong with her?” looks from strangers. And if you’re like me, here’s some ways to feebly attempt fulfilling that goal.

5. Deep Breaths - Lots of Them

4. Duct Tape Your Mouth Shut to Hold in the Squeals of Excitement

3. Partially Cover Your Eyes if You’re a Crier

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2. Hide the Mascara Dripping Down Your Face With a Camera

1. Bring a Friend to Hug When You Eventually Fall Apart

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