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20 Important Tweets About Women That Are Trending Right Now

In just four words, people on Twitter were invited to share what they think women want, and an onslaught of disgusting tweets were overpowered by these positive messages of hope and change that demonstrate what women really want.

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20. No Sexism

Mr. Math / Via Twitter: @hashtag

So many hashtags on Twitter from both men and self-hating women instantly spewed out "they don't even know," while actively ignoring all the requests for change that women were actually telling the world they want.

This Twitter user called people out who were contributing to sexist rhetoric and reducing the positive intention behind the hashtag.

19. Equal Rights

Kate Kight / Via Twitter: @hashtag

This shouldn't even have to be said in modern society, but with the United States being number 45 on a list of the100 most gender-equal countries, it is a message that bears repeating. As a nation known for freedom and "equality," it is downright disgraceful that the US doesn't even come close to cracking the top ten.

18. Greener Grass

Pritish Bhattacharya / Via Twitter: @hashtag

It's not unreasonable to long for something that is missing from one's life. Women long for the rights and respect that they currently lack in society. Until the goal of obtaining them is finally achieved in society for women, expect more of these tweets and type of speech to continue.

17. To Be Included

Jeni Craswell / Via Twitter: @hashtag

A room full of only one demographic should not have the power to decide the needs of the many. An image says 1000 words, and this one is screaming for more diversity when it concerns matters of government and economics, which affect the entire population and not just the demographic shown.

16. Empathy

Christie / Via Twitter: @hashtag

It seems like the aftermath of the election has caused hate to grow and fester until it's become this ugly disease that is continuously spreading. Women want empathy because it's the only solution to combat hate. People need to place themselves in the shoes of others and think about how they would like to be treated before they decide to open their mouths.

15. No Body Shaming

Cherrillicious / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Body shaming isn't about wanting to be unhealthy, as an innumerable amount of the population ignorantly claims. It's about respecting people's feelings, being a decent human being, and acknowledging the fact that not everyone is born with or can maintain the same body type.

14. Acceptance

Mira Joleigh / Via Twitter: @hashtag

In matters of LGBTQ rights, the word "tolerance" is thrown out a lot by people who don't consider themselves members of the community. That word suggests people are, out of the kindness of their heart, allowing the LGBTQ community to live and be who they are while refraining with all their might from saying what they really feel about the community.

So, let's try a more radical approach in the future: accept people for who they are instead of tolerating their existence.

13. No Sex Shaming

Planned Parenthood / Via Twitter: @hashtag

More unwanted pregnancies will occur, and more people will become riddled with STDs if sex education continues to be neglected. No what a person's values are, they still need sex education, even if they don't plan on doing the deed.

Hushing people up and refusing to discuss will not prevent people from having sex, and shaming people because they have it says more the person doing the shaming than the person being shamed.

12. No Stereotypes

emma claire / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Effective change cannot follow through completely with its goals until stigmas are removed from social justice movements. Stigmas exist as a tactic to silence people into submission. If there is a negative connotation attributed to a movement, it deters people from identifying with or joining in the fight for change.

11. Equal Representation

Hel / Via Twitter: @hashtag

As citizens, we need to be more inclusive. It's our fault for not voting more women into office. Men already have their foothold in the government, and we cannot expect issues of diversity to be addressed adequately in politics unless we are willing to include diversity on our voting forms.

10. No Wage Gap

jess / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Closing the wage gap is a necessity. There's a lot of single mothers who are not receiving financial support from the fathers of their children; and even when they do, child support is simply not enough compensation to raise a child properly. In single income households, women should be able to support themselves and the ones they love with thinking about how much more they would make if they were born with different genitals.

8. No Violence

VennDiagram / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Women want government officials and law enforcement to be fair and quick to responding emergencies. Violence is not something that should ever be tolerated, no matter who wields the weapon. Women want a safer and more secure world, especially for their children.

7. Better Healthcare

Rhodey Rhodes 2017 / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Of course women want a voice in healthcare. In a rational world, it doesn't make any sense that men are deciding healthcare choices for women. That would be like if women had the choice on the next ballot to decide how often men should be allowed to go to the doctor.

5. No More Division

Diane Doat / Via Twitter: @hashtag

Why is there so much this division? We're all human beings. If we keep searching for and focusing on our differences rather than similarities, we will surely bring about our own destruction.

4. No Interruptions

Corey Miller / Via Twitter: @hashtag

In the government and other high-ranking position, women are still being silenced. Positive progress requires both sides to actively listen to each other. The act of listening entails allowing time for the opposing side to speak.

3. To Speak

Saga_Says / Via Twitter: @hashtag

A lot of people, not just women, are infuriated over the reductionist nature of this hashtag that Twitter unleashed. The frustration lies in the idea that it's just another way to limit and silence women when it concerns voicing their opinions and experiences.

2. To Be Heard

Erica Gerhard / Via Twitter: @hashtag

If we all take the time to slow down and listen to each other, the opposite gender won't seem as mysterious and confusing anymore.

In fact, there are active ways, such as physical responses, we can demonstrate to a person that we are listening to improve our daily conversations and personal relationships. Dr. John Grohol, CEO of Psych Central, offers some helpful tips that people can use in order to improve their listening skills in this article: “Become a Better Listener: Active Listening” (Psych Central).

Check out Dr. Grohol’s advice if you’re thinking back to your last conversation and realize you royally screwed up.

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Monica Sanchez / Via Twitter: @MonicaS_news

Poetry allows us to connect with people in a way that's not possible through prose. This poem above was written after reading the poem "What do Women Want?" by Kim Addonizio. It's a great, intense poem, but she wrote about women wanting nothing other than a hot, red dress. *rolls eyes*

At the end of the day, all the requests for change and attempts to inspire hope for a better future for women can be boiled down to a pure and simple desire for respect. And that’s not asking for much.

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