The 16 Faces You Make On Monday Morning

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1. When you tumble out bed.

2. When you realize you've slept through your alarm.

3. When you remember that the weekend is over.

4. When you're almost out the door, but you realize you forgot something.

5. When you JUST BARELY miss the bus.

6. When you finally drag yourself into the office.

7. When there's only decaf coffee in the kitchen.

8. When you're catching up on work emails and just fall asleep at your desk.

9. When EVERYONE starts bugging you for stuff at the same time.

10. When your boss catches you watching cat videos on YouTube.

11. When you realize it's only two o'clock and you just wanna lay down and die already.

12. When all your deadlines sneak up on you at once.

13. When it feels like everything you touch just falls apart.

14. When the clock FINALLY strikes five.

15. When you frantically wave goodbye to everyone.

16. When you get home, get in bed, and crash IMMEDIATELY.

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