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Things Bollywood Movies Taught Me About Filmmaking

More than you could ever realize...

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1. Character Matters

Does your character defy the laws of physics? Does he look Cool? Well If he looks cool, I don't see a problem.

2. Plan Your Stunts

Every good movie needs a good stunt. No matter how crazy, how gravity defying, how sheer awesome the stunt, it's gotta be in there. Budget be damned, did we get the stunt? Awesome, that's a wrap!

3. Strong Female Characters Are a Must

No wishy-washy ladies here. Bollywood ladies have a voice and they aren't afraid to use it. You had better write your female characters strong, quick and with sass level 5000

4. Characters that Defy all Odds are Important For Growth

Literally ALL odds

5. Never Be Afraid to Use Your Props Unconventionally

Hey, you're a filmmaker, this is your vision, so if you want to stack up a couple of guns for the best solo onslaught, you do it buddy, you just do it.

6. (For The Musicals) A Good Dance Number is All About the Fun

Whenever, Wherever if you're breaking out into a big song, dance ensemble make it catchy, make it rhythmic and most importantly make it fun


Can't say that enough...

Can't say that enough...

8. Never Underestimate the Power of Dramatic Angles

Fade in, Fade Out, Zoom in on her tears. BOOM! Cinematography!

9. Don't Forget the Costumes

Good Costuming is important, if it wasn't why is there an entire Oscar category dedicated to it? So never forget accessorize

10. Build Interesting Family dynamics

Relationships make you who you are, so if you have any familial relationships make them realistic,grounded and unique

11. Most Of All, Be Confident In Your Idea

Hey If you like it, and you believe in it then screw the rest. It's your project and you can do what you want to.

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