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Chicken-Stuffed Green Peppers - El Salvador Cuisine

Stuffed Green Peppers are part of El Salvador Gastronomy, if you like a little spice in your life this recipe is for you. El Salvador most popular comfort food are Pupusas, but there are many other dishes frequently eaten and as popular as Pupusas. Green Peppers are eaten frequently in El Salvador, there are many ways to prepare them, I have been to other Central American countries and Chiles rellenos taste different wherever you go. Most people Stuffed green Peppers with meat, but you can do them with chicken, pork or even eat them with a mixture of cheese with veggies. The recipe is really easy and you will have a really interesting meal with allot of flavor. Click the link and learn how to prepare this Stuffed Green Peppers, if you need further instructions feel free to ask. Follow @mommysgalaxy and share with your friends. Your support is really appreciate.

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The traditional Side Dish of Chiles Rellenos is Rice and Tortillas

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Almost every Dish in El Salvador is complemented with Tortillas, it may sound like to much carbs but we are use to it. El Salvador tortillas are thicker than Mexican Tortillas.

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