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What To Eat In Canada If Trumps Wins

Come for the freedom. Stay for the food. No Trump, amazing food - we've pretty much got it all. And there's no need to wait until the elections are over in the fall. You can get started honing your Canadian cooking skills right now with these amazing Canadian inspired recipes.

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8. Saskatoon Berry Jam

Mommy Outside the Box / Via

If you live in the US you might know Saskatoon berries as Service Berries. They are a firm little purple berry found across the Canadian prairie and not only make an amazing jam but maybe the best pie ever.

Recipe Here

11. S'mores Fudge

Tales of a Ranting Ginger / Via

Yes my southern friends, I know s'mores are yours. But we canucks love our camp food too. And since some parts of Canada experience winter for a solid 6 months a year sometimes we have to get creative and bring the camp food indoors.

Recipe Here

13. Bloody Caesar Shrimp Salad

Simple Bites / Via

The Caeser is truly a Canadian drink. Who else would think to mix tomato juice together with clam juice (yes clam juice). But no worries if you don't have access (or desire) to clamato, you can whip up this fresh summer salad with boring old tomato juice.

Recipe Here

14. Red Lentil Bacon Corn Fritters

Nutmeg Disrupted / Via

Canada is a huge contributor to the world's lentil supply and we are always coming up with new and inventive ways to use them. And bacon just makes everything better.

Recipe Here

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