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Ten Olympic Torches That We'll Never Forget

The torch lighting ceremony is one of the most important moments of any Olympic games. The torches used in these ceremonies are often just as unforgettable as the games themselves.

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1. The 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta

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Not only was this torch designed to look like a Native American arrow, but it also features a tube like design that resembles a traditional Greek column. This torch is also remembered for being lit by the great Muhammad Ali.

2. The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi

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The colors of this torch were chosen to represent ice and snow, as well as the traditional red of the Russian flag. It is said that this torch is supposed to look like the feather of a phoenix.

5. The 1960 Summer Games in Rome

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When the Olympic games returned to Rome, a number of historic traditions were honored, including the torch design that was made to look like the torches of ancient Rome.

10. The 2006 Winter Games in Torino

PerfTubes / Via

This torch is a re-interpretation of the traditional Olympic wooden torches. However, instead of using wood, this torch used perforated tubes made of different metals to catch fire and burn. This is also the first time a torch did not directly touch the Olympic cauldron but lit it indirectly with a back flame.

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