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No Cash For A Car? Check Out These Sweet Rides

Times are tough. Don’t waste your paycheck on a car. Check out these fun alternatives.

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1. Habal Habal

Mark Dansie / Via

You don’t need a big motorcycle to bring along your friends. The habal habal is common in the Philippines. It’s a DIY upgrade where six seats can be added to a bike that may only have a 250cc engine.

3. Dog Power

Tyler Brownbridge - The Windsor Star / Via

Horses require a lot of space, but dogs are a great fit for urban environments. Dog sled teams often train with wheeled vehicles in the offseason. Hitch up a team to travel on paw power.

5. Electric Bicycle

Wes Siler - Gizmodo / Via

Biking is an easy alternative, but not many people are excited about cardio exercise before and after work. Electric bikes are no sweat because of the decreased pedaling.

6. Commuter Unicycle

I_Stay_Puft / Via

Not kidding. Commuter/touring is a real category of unicycles. Lighter and more compact than two wheels, a unicycle can often be carried straight into the office or classroom. If you’re extra ambitious and coordinated, look into off-road and giraffe unicycles for an added challenge.

8. Water Trike

Aquatic Adventures International, Inc / Via

A classic trike is a lot of fun, but the water tricycle allows you to cross bodies of water. Depending on the model you choose, many can handle short trips over land as well.

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