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Catch ‘em All At Coachella - Nine People You’ll Definitely See

When you go to Coachella, you can expect more than one type of show. Here are a few of the types of people you can see each year.

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Coachella is big, and it’s important to be prepared. The music and parties will be awesome, but you should also brace yourself for the memorable sights in the audience.

1. The Wristband Collector

Paul Chalker / Via

Mr. Popular is sure to let you know how many parties and clubs he has visited this week. If it’s more than two or three, you have to wonder whether hygiene is still a priority.

3. Concerned Parents

Max Mason-Hubers / Via

In case you thought chaperones weren’t still a thing, just take a look at all the parents on patrol for irresponsible behavior. Don’t worry, they’re mostly paranoid about their own kids. They may not be entirely wrong, since hundreds of people get arrested at Coachella each year.

4. Moms without Kids

Peter House / Via

Some ladies enjoy the chance to let their hair down without the kids. But they also seem to have borrowed their teenage girl’s outfits. To be fair, there will be plenty of middle aged dads as well. They’ll be the ones who haven’t changed concert t-shirts since high school.

6. Preteens

geminimodels / Via

Where are those concerned parents when you need them? Thick with braces and questionable makeup choices, this clump of youngsters glides around in a cloud of judgment and insecurity.

7. Sensitive to Sunlight

Deb Chase / Via

Slathered in sunblock that you can smell from twenty feet away, these celestially tortured souls will be burnt to a crisp despite their best efforts. They probably have extra, if you want to make friends.

8. Headbangers

Greg Kennelty / Via

We know there isn’t space for square dancing, but headbanging is almost never the right compromise. Sure, appropriateness depends on the band. Just don’t get too close to anyone on their way to a self-induced brain injury.

9. Flowery Fashionistas

AmoreBride / Via

Is this real life or a Snapchat filter? Both? Some ladies come dressed to the nines to Coachella. Depending on the year, floppy hats or headbands could be all the rage. We don’t get those memos, but you’ll be sure to notice the fashion models who do.

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