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9 Tourist Traps Real Chicagoans Will Avoid At All Costs

From dining and shopping to nightlife and outdoor attractions, there is no shortage of things to enjoy in the Windy City. Make the most of your visit by avoiding these tumultuous tourist traps.

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#2. Willis Tower Ledge

Pinterest / Via pinterest.com

Extending four feet outside the 103rd floor of Willis Tower, Willis Tower Ledge sits mightily atop the tourist selfie indulgence totem. We can’t say “cheese” enough.

#3. Navy Pier

Ferran Traité Soler / Via omnihotels.com

Do you enjoy large crowds, long lines, and overpriced fun? Well then step right up to Navy Pier! Seriously though, treat yourself to a quiet stroll through the Lincoln Park Zoo instead.

#4. Gino’s East

Flickr / Via flickr.com

Ok, let’s be honest–the pizza ain’t bad! It’s the crowds that’ll ruin ya. Snap a quick shot of the exterior, if you must, and head to Pequod’s. You can thank us later.

#5. Rock N Roll McDonald’s

Flickr / Via flickr.com

You have eaten at a McDonald’s, yes? If so, you have already eaten at Rock N Roll McDonald’s. Keith Richards wouldn’t be caught dead here. Neither should you.

#6. Electric Riverboat Tour

Echo Limousine / Via echolimousine.com

“Let’s spend the afternoon and a whole heap of cash on a small floating vessel with strangers while enjoying BYOB refreshments and “serene” city views from 20 ft. below street level.” Pass, thanks.

#8. The Magnificent Mile

Rasidel Slika / Via urbanmatter.com

Museums and dining and lodging, oh my! This upscale portion of Chicago is home to the city’s largest shopping district, as well as some of its largest crowds. Fun Fact: rent on The Magnificent Mile is the eighth most expensive in the country, behind Fifth Avenue in New York.

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