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    Jan 24, 2017

    9 Must-Have Classic Foods For Your Chicago Bucket List

    From the South Side to the North Side, eat your way through Chicago with these 9 must-have classic bites.

    1. Lobster Roll From The Happy Lobster Truck

    Echo Limousine / Via

    Start off on the right foot with this scrumptious lobster roll from The Happy Lobster Truck. Just a bite of the freshest Maine lobster combined with Happy Lobster seasoning and a touch of mayo and you’ll wonder if there’s ever any reason to visit Boston again.

    2. Pizza Puff From Albano's Pizzeria

    Invisible Oranges

    Of course everyone wants to find the perfect deep dish when they arrive in Chicago. But for a spin on the Chicago classic, head to Albano’s Pizzeria for their much-lauded and purely homemade pizza puff.

    3. Deep Dish Pizza From Lou Malnati’s / Via

    Ok, so you absolutely must have deep-dish pizza! Get yourself to Lou Malnati’s right away. You’ll never see (or taste) pizza the same way again.

    4. The Superdawg From Superdawg

    Time Out / Via

    In case you didn’t know, Chicago is a lot more than just deep-dish pizza. It’s hot dogs, too! Some say you haven’t had a real one until you’ve had the Superdawg.

    5. The Cheeseburger From Au Cheval

    Eater Chicago / Via

    Moving onto cheeseburgers, Au Cheval offers up a must-have diner-type burger with two patties, a buttered bun, and melted American cheese with housemade pickles. If you don’t let the long wait deter you, your mouth will definitely thank you!

    6. The Atomica From Cemitas Puebla

    NPR / Via

    You may think sandwiches are boring, but wait until you try the best one you’ve ever had in your life. The Atomica from Cemitas Puebla is loaded with carne enchilada, jamon, and milanesa all on homemade bread.

    7. The Garrett Mix From Garrett Popcorn Shops

    Garrett Popcorn / Via

    You might not know, but no visit to Chicago can be considered complete without sampling the city’s official snack food: popcorn. Skip the mediocre and go straight to Garrett Popcorn Shops for the Garrett Mix, which combines sweet caramel and savory cheese.

    8. The Rainbow Cone From The Original Rainbow Cone / Via

    No food list would be complete without a couple of epic desserts. Try the legendary rainbow cone, piled high with orange sherbet, vanilla with walnut and cherries, and pistachio ice cream.

    9. The Cheesecake on a Stick From Eli's Cheesecake Bakery Cafe / Via

    Last but not least, don’t leave town without trying this classic taste of Chicago: the chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick. Grab one before heading to the airport.

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