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17 Gifs Showing Why Animals Are (Mostly) Great at Riding Motorcycles

Animals are pretty cool. So are motorcycles. Animals riding motorcycles? You’re not ready for this.

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1. This dog almost looks too comfortable being in the driver’s seat.

2. This dog put on his gear, hopped on, and isn’t wasting any time getting to his next stop.

3. This dog doesn’t even know this guy, but he has no problem hijacking this motorcycle.

4. This cat doesn’t really care if he sits on your head, even if you’re trying to drive.


5. This cat is wondering why you’re staring at him. Cats ride motorcycles all time time. There’s nothing to see here.


6. This giraffe doesn’t let size get in the way of that feeling of freedom that comes from the open road.

7. This dog thinks he’s the coolest thing on the street, and you know what, he’s right.


8. This is the guy who everyone in the neighborhood isn’t quite sure about. Now you know why.


9. This dog spotted a park he really wanted to check out but his owner isn’t having it.


10. This goat just wants his turn to ride. And he’s willing to cause a minor accident to get it.

11. This is just an ordinary sight along the west coast. So ordinary it looks like the dog might be falling asleep.


12. This dog enjoys going on a lovely nighttime drive through the city.


13. This cat is definitely going to make the jump and be fine. We promise.

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14. This dog just loves the feeling of her giant ears flapping around in the wind.

15. This is the smartest animal in this list because he doesn’t need some lame human to drive the motorcycle for him. Stay safe, pooch.

16. This motorcycle already has at least six people on it. Why not add a dog?

17. This is a sheep. Wearing a helmet. Riding a motorcycle. You’re welcome.

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