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13 Car Accessories You’ll Find You Can’t Live Without

Your car can be a lot more than just a mode of transportation. Check out these 13 useful accessories and transform your car into your castle.

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1. Portable Car Desk - this one tops the list of cool car accessories for when you just can’t leave work behind

AutoExec / Via

2. Cupholder-Sized Power Inverter - for all your on the go charging needs

Groupon / Via

3. Cell Phone Signal Booster - for when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere

UberSignal / Via

4. Portable Collision Avoidance System - for turning your normal car into a smart car

Photographer: Kfir Ziv / Via

5. Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit - for staying safe while maximizing your mobile entertainment

The Droid Lawyer / Via

6. Flat Tire Fix - for easy DIY emergency help when you have that inevitable flat tire

Toolstation / Via

7. Headlight Lens Restoration Kit - for inexpensively bringing your headlights back to life

8. Touch Screen Entertainment System - for when it’s time to up your car audio game

Ernest McCarty Ford / Via

9. Dashboard Sticky Pad - for instant automobile organization

Play247 / Via

10. Glove Box Organizer - for keeping your important papers in one place

11. Super Soft Gel Seat Cushion - for when your comfort is top priority

12. Custom Grocery Bag Holder - for making the most out of your trunk space

InstaShop / Via

13. Portable Electric Blanket - for adding comfort to an unexpected overnight stay in your car

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