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11 Ways To Make Your Christmas Wedding Unforgettable

Weddings and Christmas are each special events in their own way, but what about combining the two into one ultimate celebration? These tips can help you pull off a Christmas wedding that your guests will never forget.

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1. Learn how to make fake snow and spread it around the wedding venue.

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Really, the only downside of snow is that it’s cold and melts after a while. You can avoid these issues by adding some fake snow to your wedding venue in order to create an indoor winter wonderland.

2. Decorate a Christmas tree with personalized ornaments.


No Christmas wedding is complete without a beautiful Christmas tree. Have some fun by decorating it with homemade ornaments, photographs, and other items that have special meaning.

4. Don’t forget to add plenty of red and green to the ceremony and reception.


Few things define Christmas more than the colors red and green. Spend some time coming up with creative ways to incorporate these colors into the festivities.

6. Choose table decorations that bring out the holiday spirit.


The right centerpieces for your reception tables can make or break the entire room’s decor. Take advantage of the holiday by adding some Christmas cheer to every table.

7. Supply your guests with some classic Christmas treats.


From candy canes to gingerbread cookies, the Christmas season is known for a wide array of sweets. Make sure you have plenty of these available before and after dinner and your guests will be happy.

8. Ask your florist to create a festive bouquet for you to walk down the aisle with. / Via

Flowers may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to winter, but there are many options to choose from if you’re looking for a bouquet that captures the Christmas spirit.

9. Finish off the evening with a hot cup of cocoa.


Many of your guests will likely be drinking alcohol throughout the evening. Give them a chance to sober up by serving some hot cocoa with dessert—a perfect way to cap off a Christmas-themed event.

10. Include some popular Christmas jingles in your playlist. / Via

Most people love at least a few Christmas songs. Mix up your playlist and bring out the holiday cheer by playing a couple every hour during the reception.

11. Avoid the cold and show up in style in a limousine.


One of the only downsides of having a wedding during the holiday season is the cold weather. Regardless of how far you have to travel to the wedding venue, treat yourself to a limousine and arrive warm and toasty.

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