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    Dec 7, 2012

    The Cast Of "Now And Then": Then And Now

    It's been seventeen years since Thora Birch stuffed her bra with pudding.

    Gaby Hoffmann (Young Samantha Albertson) / Via

    After seeming to play every little girl in every movie in the late '80s and early '90s Hoffmann eased into her teens on screen by playing Samantha. Since then she's added plenty of indie films and TV guest spots to her resume, appearing in Louie earlier this year.

    Thora Birch (Young Tina "Teeny" Tercell) / Via

    Though at this point she would have to win an Oscar to not be referenced as the little girl from Hocus Pocus, Thora Birch has acted steadily since playing Teeny, earning a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination. Her last film was the Lifetime movie The Pregnancy Pact.

    Christina Ricci (Young Roberta Martin) / Via

    In the seventeen years since Ricci played tough girl Roberta she's been nominated for a Golden Globe as well as an Emmy and has acted in over thirty films, most recently playing one of Robert Pattinson many girlfriends in Bel Ami.

    Ashleigh Aston Moore ( Young Chrissy DeWitt)

    After playing sheltered Crissy, Moore was in three more movies, making her last appearance on screen in a 1997 episode of Touched By An Angel. Sadly she died in 2007 of pneumonia and bronchitis.

    Demi Moore (Adult Samantha Albertson) / Via

    Demi Moore played an older Samantha in 1995, five years before she divorced Bruce Willis, ten years before she married Ashton Kutcher, and seventeen years before she and Ashton split. She's had a rough year that included a stint in rehab, but she's still working and will star in Very Good Girls with Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen next year.

    Melanie Griffith (Adult Tina "Teeny" Tercell) / Via

    Griffith had a successful career and complicated personal life after Now and Then. She was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe in 1998 for her role in RKO 281, but went into rehab in 2000 and 2009 for drug addiction. Her next project is a Lifetime move titled American Housewife.

    Rosie O'Donnel (Adult Roberta Martin) / Via

    After playing adult Roberta O'Donnell continued to act in movies like Harriet the Spy, but focused on her talk show, which ran from 1996-2000. In 2011 she got a second talk show on the OWN network, but it was canceled in March.

    Rita Wilson (Adult Chrissy DeWitt) / Via

    After Now and Then Wilson continued to act steadily throughout the '90s and 2000s in movies like Runaway Bride and Raise Your Voice. She recently had a recurring role on The Good Wife.

    Devon Sawa (Scott Wormer) / Via

    Sawa played Scott Warner, Roberta's tormentor turned make-out buddy (this was his second on screen kiss with Cristina Ricci that year, he also played the human version of Casper). He went on to roles in movies like Final Destination and Night of the Twisters and now is a cast member on Nikita.

    Walter Sparrow (Crazy Pete)

    Sparrow's role in Now and Then came towards the end of his nearly forty year career (he appeared in over one hundred films and TV shows). He passed away in 2000 and his last film, Treasure Island, came out in 2001.

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