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    Judging Banned Books By Their Covers

    This week is banned books week, a time to celebrate the titles libraries and schools have pulled from the shelves. Here are some theories on why these novels got blacklisted based on their covers alone.

    "A Clockwork Orange" By Anthony Burgess

    Promotes the use of outside voices inside, also arson.

    "And Tango Makes Three" By Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

    Gives readers unreasonable expectations regarding the cuteness of penguins.

    The "Harry Potter" Series By J.K. Rowling

    Promotes cruelty to animals, also swords.

    "Charlotte's Web" By E. B. White

    Encourages readers to hug pigs, can lead to the spread of swine flu.

    "Forever" By Judy Blume

    Can lead to foot fetishes.

    "L8r, G8r" By Lauren Myracle

    Encourages misspellings, can lead to illiteracy.

    The "Goosebumps" Series By R.L. Stin

    Discourages readers from pursing an education.

    "Cujo" By Stephen King

    Discourages drivers from using side-view mirrors.

    "The Face on the Milk Carton" By Caroline B. Cooney

    Can lead to drastically reduced milk consumption, calcium deficiencies.

    The "Alice" Series By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


    For the real reasons these books were banned, check out the the American Library Association's banned books lists.

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