A Vending Machine For Everyone

Just pray you have enough singles.

1. For people who want the whole Tokyo experience.

2. For people who can’t wait for McDonald’s.

3. For people who really, really hate e-readers.

4. For people who gotta catch ‘em all.

5. For people who want pizza vending-machine fast without the vending-machine taste.

6. For people who don’t mind the vending-machine taste.

7. For people who totally forgot about their nephew’s birthday party that’s happening in a half-hour.

8. For people who need to realize their lifelong dream of starting a band right now.

9. For people who need to see it to believe it.

10. For people too embarrassed to buy things at a pharmacy.

11. For people who forgot their nephew’s birthday… again.

12. For people who need a quick practical joke.

13. For people with “Pure Imagination” stuck in their head on loop.

14. For people who don’t want to walk all the way to the library.

15. For people who left their right flip-flop…somewhere last night.

16. For people who have all the luck.

17. For all the people. This vending machine was created for everyone.

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