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    A Tribute To "The Karate Kid"

    For best results, scroll while listening to "You're the Best."

    Just to be clear, the 2010 remake does not deserve a tribute.

    This is the karate kid.

    This is an imposter.

    Because the movie is nothing without Mr. Miyagi.

    Pat Morita was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. Not surprising.

    Mr. Miyagi was, after all, a total badass.

    A sassy badass.

    With a Martha Stewart side.

    Who convinced a generation of kids the key to becoming a karate master...

    was to do a lot of chores.

    Even if you've seen it a hundred times, it's a movie worth re-watching, especially if you have new things to look for.

    See that pained look on Daniel-sans' face? One of the skeleton's kicks connected unintentionally, so Ralph Machio didn't have to fake it.

    They look like the world's cutest seventh-grade couple, but Elizabeth Shue and Ralph Machio were both in their twenties during filming.

    Ralph Machio got to keep that yellow car as a gift from the producer.

    And the famed crane technique, while awesome, was made up, taking elements from a few karate stances.

    Plus, there are so many "Karate Kid" moments that don't get old. Like the heckling from this guy.

    The bizare cutoff sweats that made up their gym uniforms.

    Doing karate on a canoe.

    When Mr. Miyagi is undaunted by this guy.

    Shouting "bonsai!"

    And no matter how many times you watch it, every time Daniel's foot connects with Johnny's face, you have the same reaction.

    So practice your crane technique.

    Dig out your "Karate Kid" action figures.

    And bask in the glow of the Miyagi meaningful nod of approval.

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