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    A Fan Art Guide To "Supernatural"

    In honor of Wednesday's premiere of Season 8, we've put together this handy guide to the fandom's ships.

    Wincest (Sam & Dean)

    Maybe it's just brotherly love?

    Still not weird...

    Getting a little awkward...

    There it is

    Destiel (Dean & Castiel)

    You can't deny they've had each other's backs.

    Sassy (Sam & Castiel)

    Sassy might not be the OTP, but it sparks some of the best fan art.

    Megstiel (Meg and Castiel)

    Ah, doomed love.

    Sabriel (Sam & Gabriel)

    I guess tormenting someone with visions of a dead loved one is just a ramped up version of pulling their pigtails.

    Wincestiel (Sam, Dean, & Cestiel)

    There's sexual tension, then there's polyamorous sexual tension.

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