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    A Choir Number For Every Mood

    We dare you not to sing along.

    1. When you're missing the '90s try "Joyful, Joyful" from "Sister Act 2."

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    In one four minute clip they packed in Lauryn Hill, oversized overalls, Jennifer Love Hewitt, high waisted jeans with crop tops, and scrunchies.

    2. When you have a big project to finish try "I Sing the Body Electric" from "Fame."

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    Because if you're going to become one with the sun you can totally handle assembling that bookcase.

    3. When you're frustrated with your parents (or boss, or that one traffic cop) try "Here's Where I Stand" from "Camp."

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    You are your own person damn it.

    4. When you need a laugh try "Oh Maria" from "Sister Act."

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    They're singing nuns! Singing nuns who kind of rock. Plus, Maggie Smith's angry face.

    5. When you need to psych yourself up try "Price Tag/Don't You" from "Pitch Perfect."

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    It's like the song is saying, "you've got this."

    6. When you're nostalgic for simpler times try "Hold Your Dreams" from "Fame."

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    It can't even touch the original's graduation finale, but as long as you skip to 3:08 (and the actual choir) it's solid.

    7. When you're having a bad day try "Eldewiss" from "The Sound of Music."

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    Not only is Eldewiss a peaceful song, you can remind yourself at least you aren't being chased by Nazis.

    8. When you're stressed out (or are cramming for a French finale) try "Caresse sur l'océan" from "Les Choristes."

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    Let the tiny French children calm you down, and implant a few verbs en français in your subconscious.

    9. When you're having relationship issues try "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" from "Hamlet 2."

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    Remember the perks of being single while you're serenaded by Tuscon's gay men's choir.