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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    '30s Kids Were Awesome Problem Solvers

    These depression-era kids didn't let their problems keep them down.

    Problem: Mom won't let me play with real kids because of the polio scare.

    William Vanderson / Via

    Solution: I brought in some cuter companions.

    Problem: No family car to tie the tree to.

    Gerry Cranham / Via

    Solution: Brought in my bros to assist.

    Problem: Can't picture where my dad is stationed.

    Horace Abrahams / Via

    Solution: Went out to find the bigger picture.

    Problem: Can't achieve that Shirley Temple glow.

    Fox Photos / Via

    Solution: Used my dog to save face.

    Problem: Forced downstairs by air raid.

    Topical Press Agency / Via

    Solution: Brought out (and totally owned) Dominos.

    Problem: Dad went off to sea.

    Sasha / Via

    Solution: Brought in a stand in.

    Problem: Air raid drills are scary.

    Fox Photos / Via

    Solution: Threw an epic dance party to cheer up.

    Problem: No money for gas.

    Reg Speller / Via

    Solution: Found some free horse power.

    Problem: Food is rationed.

    Fox Photos / Via

    Solution: Grew only gigantic produce.

    Problem: Lost my ticket for "The Wizard of Oz."

    Foz Photos / Via

    Solution: Found some cheaper entertainment.

    Problem: Candy's hard to come by.

    Richards / Via

    Solution: Enjoyed it as much as possible when I could.

    Problem: Talk of war and poverty is stressful.

    Fred Morley / Via

    Solution: Was someone else, somewhere else for a while.

    And if all the solutions failed, they could find a friend to lean on.

    Richards / Via

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