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    23 Reasons You Should Love Jodie Foster

    Tonight at the Golden Globes Jodie Foster will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. And she totally deserves it.

    1. For her first film role in 1972's "Napoleon and Samantha" she played a little girl who befriends a lion.

    2. Four years later she played a prostitute in "Taxi Driver," proving she's versatile.

    3. She received her first Oscar nod at fourteen for the role.

    4. She received her first Golden Globe nomination for the original "Freaky Friday" the same year.

    Lindsay Lohan did not receive a Golden Globe nomination for "Freaky Friday"

    5. She recorded two singles in French in the late '70s.

    6. She starred in a gangster movie before she hit high school.

    7. That same year she played a serial killer.

    "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane"

    8. And followed that up with playing Rob Lowe's incestous sister.

    "The Hotel New Hampshire"

    9. As an Oscar nominated actress she decided to take a break and go to college, earning her BA from Yale in 1985.

    10. She's bounced back quickly from career missteps.

    11. She defended Kristen Stewart during her cheating scandal.

    12. She gave Maggie Simpson a voice for the first time.

    13. She's won two Oscars, the first in 1989 for "The Accused."

    14. And the second in 1992 for "Silence of the Lambs."

    15. She was also nominated for "Nell."

    16. She works behind the camera too, directing "Home for the Holidays," "Little Man Tate," and "The Beaver."

    17. She's been known to walk out of interviews that bring up John Hinckley, the man who tried to assassinate Reagan to impress her.

    18. She played a bad ass vigilante in "The Brave One."

    19. Sometimes she takes a break from her grittier roles to do family films with adorable children, like "Nim's Island."

    20. In 1996 she won the Crystal Award, meaning her career has helped create more interesting roles for women in Hollywood.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    21. She makes films geeky enough to get her a spot on a Comic Con panel.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    22. And starred in the alien film "Contact."

    23. Most importantly she has an asteroid named after her, specifically called 17744 Jodiefoster.

    So, is Jodie Foster awesome?

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