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23 Reasons "Halloweentown" Is The Most Nostalgic Halloween Movie

Drop everything; Halloweentown is on.

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Hocus Pocus might be the best

But Halloweentown is the most nostalgic. It had everything a kid could want in a movie

1. The mantra that got you through middle school

2. Valuable lessons

3. Less valuable lessons

4. Sheer candy-less horror

No one's coming Sophie.....

5. Simple explanations

6. Truth

7. More truth

8. The ultimate truth

9. Hip lingo

10. A childhood wish fulfilled

11. Extreme jazz hands

12. Characters that totally got you

13. Debbie Reynolds

14. Being Awesome

15. But still grandmotherly

16. Dog-people doing jazzercise

17. Great costume ideas

And unexpected pyrotechnics

Watching it now is still amazing

But it's a different experience

18. Now you might question the make-up of Halloweentown's population

Living skeleton

Living Jack'O Lantern

Band Conductor

19. Or wonder where its stars are now.

Emily Roeske, who played Sophie, is a black belt in American Freestyle Karate.

20. Kalabar might remind you of one of your exes

21. Some moments seem funnier

22. Some sadder

23. But somehow it brings back all your Halloween memories

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