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    23 DIY Natural Beauty Tips

    Think of your pantry as your new make-up case.

    1. Make a natural lip stain out of berries and olive oil

    Pop finished stain in the fridge so it will last longer. Find the full set of directions here.

    2. Create Matcha spot treatment

    Use a make-up brush instead of your finger to apply the tea so the dirt and oil on your hands don't end up in the mix.

    3. Make a strawberry mask to help acne prone skin

    Strawberries are a natural source of Salicylic Acid, which you can find in most store bought acne cleansers. Learn how to make the mask here.

    4. Mix corn starch, baking soda, and coconut oil together to create all natural deodorant

    If you don't want to apply the deodorant by hand you can put in an old empty deodorant stick. Directions can be found here.

    5. Make a moisturizing honey mask

    Make sure to use raw honey. Get the full recipe here.

    6. Create DIY nose strips

    The mixture can also be spread across your entire face to create a pore-unclogging mask.

    7. Make a toner with boiled rose petals

    This is a great smelling alternative to more traditional astringent toners. Full directions here.

    8. Banish dandruff with an egg and olive oil

    Set aside some time for this tip, it can get pretty messy.

    9. Use the gel from an aloe vera leaf to repair dry skin

    Once you've gotten the gel out you can also use it on dried out hair. Find the directions to extract the gel here.

    10. Kiwis can cleanse and exfoliate

    The seeds give the mix it's exfoliating properties.

    11. An olive oil and honey mask can help hydrate dry hair

    Heating the mask will help your hair absorb it faster. Full recipe here.

    12. Mix lavender oil, corn starch, rice flower, and arrowroot powder to create homemade dry shampoo

    Dry shampoo has the duel benefits of sucking excess oil from your roots and giving your hair more volume.

    13. Create an exfoliating body scrub by combining rose petals, sugar, almond oil, and coconut oil

    The layers in the jar make it a pretty addition to your bathroom, but you'll mix the contents before you use the scrub. Full directions here.

    14. Make a simple DIY teeth whitener

    Use the mixture as toothpaste.

    15. Turn dried beets into blush

    Other dried fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, can be substituted. Find directions here.

    16. Trade your loofa for an orange

    The acid in the citrus fruit is what makes it a great exfoliant.

    17. Make an easy chocolate body scrub

    This scrub has the added bonus of making your skin smell like brownies. Get the recipe here.

    18. Use nutmeg to help fade acne scars

    A paste of nutmeg and milk can also help fade them. Full directions here.

    19. Brighten your skin with a Matcha and yogurt mask

    The Matcha tea in this mask can help protect your skin from sun damage. Full directions here.

    20. Use lemon with honey to fight black heads

    Some people will be able to see an instant improvement in their skin, while others will need to wait a few weeks to see results.

    21. Create an exfoliating lip scrub by mixing together brown sugar, honey, and olive oil

    Taking the dead skin off your lips will help your lipstick or gloss go on more evenly.

    22. Use apple cider vinegar to give your hair shine

    The vinegar helps remove all the built up product that can dull your hair.

    23. Create a DIY make-up remover with olive oil and aloe vera water

    The mixture is strong enough to take off even waterproof make-up. The full directions can be found here.