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21 Signs You're From Connecticut

Home to Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and ESPN.

1. You've gone to a field trip to Mystic Seaport...

2. But you really wanted to go to Mystic Aquarium.

3. You had UConn Huskies sweats even if you had no interest in basketball.

4. You spent your summers as a kid at Quassy.

5. Or Lake Compounce

6. But as soon as you could drive you went to Six Flags New England.

7. Someone has asked you if your town is anything like the one in "Gilmore Girls."

8. You spent your trip to the Pequot museum figuring out just how long you had to wait to get into Foxwoods casino.

9. The initials CMT fill you with dread.

10. But CAPT makes you laugh.

11. Apple picking was a fall requirement.

12. You somehow got free Rock Cats tickets.

13. You've been dragged to a historic house.

14. You feel guilty about laughing at this "Family Guy" clip.

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The truth can hurt.

15. You grew up in a split baseball town (half Red Sox fans, Half Yankee fans).

16. Even after the car was packed for the beach, there was a big disscusion about which beach to go to.

17. You avoid I-95 at all costs.

18. You've gotten into an argument about how to pronounce Peabody Museum.

19. Escaping to New York City always seemed like a viable option.

20. You can spell CT without sounding it out.

21. You have a Hartford Whalers foam finger somewhere in the back of your closet.