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    19 Incredibly Creepy Couples Costumes

    If your significant other suggests you rock one of these concepts, it's time for a break. [NSFW-ish]

    1. Boobs

    2. Priest and Nun Who Ignored The Dress Code

    3. Gender-Swapped Snow White and Dwarf

    4. Bert and Ernie

    5. Botched Abortion

    6. Shark And Shark Victim


    8. JFK And Jackie (Post Shooting)

    9. Deer And Headlights

    10. Overly Cheery Penis And Vagina

    11. Raggedy Ann and Andy

    12. Woman Giving Birth

    13. Pad and Vampire

    14. USB (The Key and Lock Trope Gets High-Tech)

    15. Juno and Bleaker gender swap

    16. Little Bo Peep and Sheep

    17. Tampon And "Aunt Flow"

    18. Little Red Riding Hood Gender Swap

    19. And the winners are....