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    17 Reasons Body Glitter Was The Best Accessory

    Dab some on and it's the '90s again.

    1. It could be found in the greatest stores.

    2. There was no wrong way to apply it.

    3. It sometimes involved roller balls.

    4. But it could also come in tubes.

    5. Or pots.

    6. It could be scented.

    7. You could get really creative with it.

    8. It could be subtle.

    9. Or bold.

    10. It was stackable.

    11. It could be DIY.

    12. It was the Lucky Charms of make-up.

    13. It was worn by the strangest celebs.

    14. And the most mainstream.

    15. It perfectly highlighted your best features.

    16. It came in every color.

    17. You couldn't overdo it.