14 Of The Most Coveted Toys Of Your Childhood

For everyone still waiting for their Barbie Jeep.

1. Expanding Sphere Toy

It’s small, it’s big, it’s small, it’s five hours later.

2. Super Soaker (Complete With Backpack)

With a basic water gun you were a worthy opponent, with a backpack attachment you were unstoppable.

3. Barbie Jeep

With a single birthday present you were magically a car owning adult at the tender age of six.

4. Moon Shoes

Now who’s not tall enough to ride?

5. Kid-Friendly Camera

Your film about your cat running in it’s sleep would have gone viral (if Youtube existed).

6. Video Now

To you portable Nicktoons were the height of technology.

7. Socker Boppers

The fist fight air bags that let you release all or your anger without any of the nosebleeds.

8. Jakks Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker

Real spiders are terrifying. Neon-rainbow spiders are amazing.

9. Gak

It might stain the carpet, it might get stuck in your hair, but you didn’t care. It’s gak!

10. Talkboy

With your very own Talkboy you were one step closer to getting a room at the Plaza.

11. Game Boy Color

You never realized how much you wanted to catch them all until you caught pikachu in color.

12. Sno-Cone Machine

All of the sugar without the sprint to the ice cream truck.

13. Password Journal

With a password journal you could finally stop stressing about your inner most thoughts being hidden with only a mattress.

14. Rare Beanie Babies

The rarer they were, the cuter they were.

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