13 Pieces Of Wisdom From Kids’ Letters

It’s universal letter writing week. You could skip that e-mail in favor of a hand written note, but you’ll always feel inadequate after reading these sage bits of prose.

1. Make good choices.

It’s your decision. If you don’t want to drink, great! If you do, be stupid and run an old lady over.”

2. Embrace equality.

“Can I eat kix if I don’t have a mommy? can both my daddys approve?”

3. Plan ahead.

“I am going to save my costume from the school play in case we have to go back to the 19th century.”

4. Support peace.

“You should stop all the war with the three years you have left because who wants to be shooting people 24-7?”

5. Express empathy.

“Make sure to give the kids who were affected by hurricane Sandy and the shooting in Connecticut an especially great Christmas.”

6. Money isn’t everything

“The nurse said that I sort of had to be a nurse because it makes more money than a painter. But I don’t care much about money.”

7. Always say you’re sorry

“Sorry for weeing on your jumper.”

8. Be willing to work for what you want.

“I think I love you. Don’t tell anyone please. I will do anything.”

9. Tell others you appreciate them.

“Thank you all very much and don’t forget to be awesome.”

10. Speak up when you have a problem

“I don’t know what your doing but please get a less squeaky bed or don’t do that as I’m trying to sleep.”

11. Always try to return the favor.

“I cleaned the floor, cleaned your desk, plus I organized it and the bookshelf, made your bed, and cleaned your keyboard. This is a favor for bringing me ice cream and taking me places.”

12. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

“you may take the tooth I have a question are you big or small? Please write back!”

13. Make sure to check in on loved ones.

“We miss you. Are you alright? Hope you didn’t die.”

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