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10 Things "Juno" Taught Us About Teen Pregnancy

Diablo Cody's new movie is all about teen pregnancy and quotes to put in your Facebook profile.

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1. They Know About Their Right To Choose


Yes, Juno didn't go through with her "hastily scheduled abortion" but she and her bestie understood ending the pregnancy was an open option and knew the names of two clinics without even having to use Google.

2. A Baby Bump Won't Give Them A Popularity Boost In High School

It's true quirky catch phrase spewing Juno wasn't exactly a front runner for prom queen before she got knocked up. Still, her classmates made a point of staying clear of her and her ever-expanding belly after the fact.

3. They Need A Lot Of Support


Juno had her BFF to lean on, but things were tense between her and parents. Without the parental units to talk to she ended up bonding with her baby's adoptive father. Which lead to a really uncomfortable slow dance.


7. They Shouldn't Be Defined By One Mistake

Juno is a pretty awesome teenager with good taste in music and almost cartoonish levels of positive energy. Having unprotected sex (a lack of a condom was implied) wasn't a great idea, but one mistake doesn't make up a teen's entire identity.

9. Their Parents Can Be Supportive

While stories of parents disowning their pregnant teens are the ones that people tend to remember, Juno's dad and stepmom had her back. They supported her when she decided to give the baby up and tried to give her the best advice they could.