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19 Things That Will Happen When You Travel Alone

It's true. They will.

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1. Someone on the plane will try to be your best friend, and you will become instantly grateful that headphones are the international sign for, “Please stop talking to me."

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2. At some point, it will hit you that you didn't think this whole thing through.

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3. And you will consequently realize just how broke you actually are.

4. So things like week-old, 10-cent baguettes will quickly transition from disgusting to dinner.

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A delicious dinner at that.

5. And hitchhiking won't be weird anymore.

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It'll be thrifty.

6. Same goes for couchsurfing.

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Hi, complete stranger, can you house me for an indefinite amount of time, please? And can you do so for free? Thanks.

7. You'll go weeks without social media, and shockingly enough, you won’t combust.

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8. There will be that one person who wants to be your constant "travel buddy", but you'll be having none of that.

9. Because you've already come to the conclusion that being alone isn’t necessarily synonymous with being lonely.


Besides, everyone's annoying anyway.

10. With each day that goes by, you'll become more and more okay with being late, missing trains, and getting lost.

11. You'll learn that a shower at a hostel can sometimes make you feel dirtier than before you even took one at all.

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12. At least one person you meet along the way will allude to the idea that "you must be running from something."

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Said person will be wrong.

13. You'll decide that the relationship search will have to take a backseat for the time being because you are just too busy finding yourself, damn it.

14. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the occasional breakdown.

15. Language barriers will make communicating a constant struggle.

16. So you'll start to use the art of mime and interpretive dance to get your point across.

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17. You'll tell yourself that even though everyone else is getting real jobs and starting to settle down, this was definitely the way to go.

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18. But in the back of your mind, it's kind of like...

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19. Still, you'll realize that when you finally do go home, there's a slight chance that it might not completely suck.

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